Company Profile

  • 1970

    started in SINGAPORE as Poultry Development

  • 1990

    Expanded to Malaysia

  • 2011

    collaboration with Leong Hup International Group

Prestige Fortune Sdn Bhd was originated from Singapore in the 1970s. The business of Prestige Fortune Sdn Bhd focuses on breeding special trait of chicken, screening and selling broilers to local and overseas. The unique species and reasonable price make the sales performance continue to hit new highs, and it is also been known as one of the pioneers in Southeast Asian chicken breeding industry.

In the early 1990s, after analyse the demand and abundant resources of Malaysia’s broiler market, the company’s directors decided to set up their own farms in Malaysia and began to sell and stabilize the poultry market in Singapore and Malaysia. In 1990, it was officially registered as a private limited company (sendirian berhad) in Malaysia.

Black chicken and Kampung Chicken are company’s dominant selling points, and also a masterpiece of the company’s Research & Development (R&D) department!


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Passed through 40 years and millions of dollars has been spent on the research, the company’s R&D team has successfully developed a unique species of Black Chicken and Kampung Chicken.

These two species of chickens have maintained a stable market for company’s sales, and also regards as the leader in the field of poultry farming.

As the business continues to grow steadily, company has expanded from the first three small farms to 15 large semi-automatic farms. Apart from semi-automatic farms, the company also has its own breeding farm and hatchery centres with strict management to control the quality and health of the chickens.

Due to company has always maintain the good quality of chicken reputation therefore company has successful expanded from the Malaysian market to the overseas market, and has exported to Singapore in long term to supply Black Chicken, Naked Neck Chicken and Kampung Chicken. Therefore, using the advantage of Singapore as an international platform, the company also exported chickens to Southeast Asian countries. Thus the export has promoting the popularity of Prestige Fortune Sdn Bhd in Southeast Asia.

In 2011, company has collaboration with Leong Hup International Group. Nowadays, the company has converted its own farm into a large semi-automatic feeding mode, and increased the breeding farm and hatchery, thus the production of chickens has been increased by doubled and it’s make poultry farming in Malaysia continues to flourish!